Your elected represntatives.

Federal MP Parry Sound / Muskoka

Tony Clement –


Ontario MPP Parry Sound / Muskoka

Norm Miller –


District Chair

John Klinck –

District Clerk

Debbie Crowder –

District CAO

Michael Dubin –


District Planning Staff

Commissioner of Planning

Samantha Hastings –

Director of Planning

Summer Valentine –

Interim Commissioner of Planning

Scot Weeres –


District Planning & Economic Committee

District Chair John Klinck –

Chair Paul Wiancko –

Lori-Lynn Giaschi-Pacini /

Allen Edwards / Township of Muskoka

Paul Kelly /

Nancy Alcock / Huntsville

Bob Young / Lake of


Township of Muskoka Lakes Councilors

Mayor Don Furniss –

Phil Harding –

Allen Edwards –

Ruth Nishikawa –

Sandy Currie –

Donelda Hayes –

Jean-Ann Baranik –

Gault McTaggart –

Terry Ledger –

Linda Barrick-Spearn –


Muskoka District Councilors



Lori-Lynn Giaschi-Pacini –

Steve Clement –

Don Smith –

Graydon Smith –


Lake of Bays

Shane Baker –

Robert Lacroix –

Bob Young –


Georgian Bay

Larry Braid

Paul Wiancko –


Georgian Bay

Peter Cooper –



Sandy Cairns –

Paisley Donaldson –

Paul Kelly –

Terry Pilgar –



Scott Aitchison –

Nancy Alcock-

Karin Terziano –

Brian Thompson –


Township of Muskoka Lakes

Allen Edwards –

Don Furniss –

Phil Harding –

Ruth Nishikawa –


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We would like the Township of Muskoka Lakes and the Muskoka District Council to protect our environment by enforcing current residential setback and density restrictions for any residential construction proposed on commercial or resort designated or zoned lakefront properties.