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Globe and Mail Coverage of SOUND THE ALARM Boat Rally in Minett

The Globe and Mail's Fred Lum covered the Sound the Alarm event in Muskoka. This has never been a local / NIMBY issue - unsustainable developments such as those proposed by developers in Muskoka affect all Canadians so it is only fitting that this issue is now getting...

MyMuskokaNow pre-coverage of SOUND THE ALARM

Read Doug Crosse coverage on MyMuskoka now here. Here's our full press release: VOTE TO STOP residential waterfront subdivisions on commercial resort properties and Save Muskoka. Join Friends of Muskoka in Wallace Bay, Minett on Lake Rosseau SATURDAY AUGUST 25 at 2:00...

Resolution to repeal the ICBL was defeated by a vote of 7-3!

The Township of Muskoka Lakes Council voted this morning to uphold their May 18th decision to ‘pause’ development in Minett through an interim control by-law while studies are done to determine what development is appropriate in this small bay. The meeting was moved...

The Friends in Dockside

Friends of Muskoka are continuing to raise awareness of the issues facing Muskoka. Read the whole article here.  

Township and District freeze development in Minett

Agatha Farmer / Bracebridge Examiner coverage of the historic May 18, 2018 Township of Muskoka 8 - 2 vote to implement an interim control bylaw to freeze development in Minett until proper impact studies have been completed. Read the full article here.  

OPP reports eight-year high in boating fatalities in 2017 reports on major increase in boat related fatalities in the past several years. More evidence why Muskoka must move cautiously when considering major residential expansion on already crowded lakes.  

Real Progress

Incredibly good news from Friday's (05/18/18) Township of Muskoka Lakes council meeting. The Township of Muskoka Lakes voted 8-2 to pass resolutions to require additional studies of the Resort Village of Minett and to institute an interim control by-law (ICBL) which...

Legacy Cottages

drone footage of former Lakeside Lodge property

The Legacy Cottage plan to build 43 residential lots on 470 feet of Lake Rosseau has been put on hold by the Township of Muskoka with an Interim Control By-Law until proper impact studies can be completed in Minett to assure no harm will come to the Muskoka Lakes. This fantastic outcome was the result of work done by the volunteers at Friends of Muskoka, partner associations across the Muskoka Lakes and concerned Muskoka residents. Well done!