The election is underway - vote now!!

Voting in Muskoka has started! You can vote online or by telephone between now and 8pm October 22nd. Just follow the instructions on the Voting Information Letter you should have received in the mail. If you have not received this voting letter, please call your municipal office (available here or see below).

Please vote early in case you encounter issues with the new online or telephone voting system.

Get to know the Candidates in the Township of Muskoka Lakes

Vote for the candidates who know the issues and who will fight to preserve the character of Muskoka.

For more information and expanded bios, click TML Candidates.


The Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA) has researched the candidates to present their Aligned Candidates in Bracebridge, Gravenhurst and Seguin.

Municipal offices / voting assistance

Voting is online or by telephone only. Your Voter Information Letter contains all of the information you need to vote. It will also contain your municipal office address and hours and a Voter Helpline, along with instructions for voting online and by telephone. If you have any questions, please email us at ​

The province has prepared videos showing how to vote online and by telephone. To watch these videos, click online voting or telephone voting.


Township of Muskoka Lakes:
1-705 765-3156 ext 211
1-705-687-3412, ext 200
Lake of Bays
Georgian Bay
1-800-567-0187, ext 242


A Muskoka property owner AND their spouse.

Renters and their spouses can vote if (a) it’s their permanent residence, or (b) it’s their seasonal residence and they rent on election day (October 22).*

You can vote in each municipality in Ontario where you own or rent property.

Only Canadian citizens, 18+ years old.

You do not need to be a permanent resident of Canada.  For example, you may vote if you live in the US, Europe or elsewhere.

*Some renters and their spouses can vote (standard tenancy and lease rules available through ServiceOntario here). Please review the Municipal Elections Act and the province’s Voters’ Guide.

Help Friends of Muskoka protect Muskoka and the environment for future generations

Over the past decade decisions have been made by local council that continue to affect our future. It is clear that some politicians ignore the public and support excessive development. Your vote will ensure that those elected will respect and save the Muskoka we all love.

It’s time to hold council accountable.

This election is crucial because the candidates who are elected in October 2018 will be signing off on a new Official Plan that will govern development in Muskoka for the next 20 years! In the last election some councillors won by as few as 50 – 100 votes. A few additional votes could make the difference in ensuring that we have elected officials who will make responsible development and disciplined fiscal management a priority.

The Environment is our Economy:
Millions of people visit Muskoka for its clean water and natural, treed shorelines. Our lakes, forests and rivers are a resource that can drive Muskoka’s economy for decades to come – but only if our elected officials put the Environment First, not development that erodes the environment that sustains our economy.

No Residential Subdivisions on the Waterfront:
Developers are trying to build residential subdivisions disguised as resorts at multiple locations across Muskoka. Over 100 commercial properties in Muskoka could be turned into residential subdivisions. Our elected officials must ensure resorts are legitimately commercial and fit with the natural beauty of Muskoka. They must protect the View from the Canoe on our lakes.

We are One Community:
Our elected officials must find more ways for both seasonal and year-round residents to live and prosper as one community, each benefitting from the contributions of the other.

Fiscal Responsibility:
Our elected officials must follow more responsible fiscal practices, including disciplined and transparent budgeting.

Good and Civil Governance:
Our elected officials must be responsible decision-makers who collaborate with each other and their constituents in a positive way.


Telephone and Online Voting October 12 – 22

Time left to vote








Spread the word

Let your friends and neighbours know that you voted by downloading the “I VOTED TO PROTECT MUSKOKA” badge.

Click here for Facebook, Instagram, or email badges and copy, paste and post them as often as possible. This badge shows the world that you care about the future of Muskoka and it may encourage your peers to vote, as well. In this crucial election, every vote counts!

the future of muskoka

The Boards of the Muskoka Lakes Association (MLA) and Friends of Muskoka (FOM) have decided to work collaboratively to enhance our collective voice in this crucial election which will have far reaching implications for the future of Muskoka. With a view on responsible fiscal management, as well as good operating and governance practices, we propose to focus our efforts on the Township of Muskoka Lakes and the Town of Gravenhurst. Issues include:

  • Development planning that prioritizes preservation of our shoreline, water quality and responsible resort density.
  • The development of “sensible density” in the Resort Village of Minett and Gravenhurst Bay.
  • Improved fiscal management practices, including more disciplined and transparent budgeting.
Friends of Muskoka ( is a registered third party advertiser in the Township of Muskoka Lakes.